Kamis, 11 November 2010

8 Successful Ways To Keep Motivated

The luxury to work from home with no boss telling you what to do is a dream come true for many people.It can, however be blessing and a curse.

A problem which many new business people who work from home encounter is one of keeping motivated. To keep going when there is no-one pushing from behind.It is all to easy to have a lie in bed each morning, or nip out to do the supermarket shopping half way through your working day.

It can also be hard explaining to others that you are actually at work even though you maybe sat at your computer in the spare bedroom or at a work bench in your garage.This can be especially tough if they want a favour from you.

There are many negatives about the rat race too, but one of the positives is having others to talk to. Bounce ideas off. Ask for help with problems. When you work from home there is not this support system unless you are lucky.

How then do you keep motivated when the going seems so tough?

Here are 8 fantastic ways you can help your self keep motivated.

1. Set Yourself Major Goals. Along the way you will achieve lesser goals too so the excitement of reaching each one will keep you motivated.

2. Finish What you Start. How many people begin and never finish? A half-finished project is no good to anyone and what's the point of starting in the first place? Complete these half-finished jobs and see how good you feel. That in itself is motivational.

3. Self educate yourself. Learn new things on a regular basis. There are loads of internet opportunities for knowledge. If you are unsure education will help and that in itself creates opportunities.

4. Build up an outside support system – mix with others in the same situation as yourself. Learn from them and develop their attitudes. However, make sure they are winners. If they are losers, you will be a loser. If they are winners, you will be a winner.

5. Utilise your natural talents and interests in your new business. This will create motivation because you are finding enjoyment in your work.

6. Learn to take risks. Failure and bouncing back are elements of motivation. Failure is a learning tool. No one has ever succeeded at anything worthwhile without a string of failures.

7. When you have what seems to be an insurmountable problem – leave it. Walk away. Take a day away. The sky won't fall in and it is amazing how a break can give renewed energy. The problem will be seen in a different light and possibly not seem so daunting after all.

8. Don't drift. Even though you are at home work through set times. Take a break for tea or coffee and limit the time. Have a proper lunch time. It has to be done when working as an employee – why not when working alone?

Use these ideas and very soon you could be living the dream.

We are still masters of our fate.

We are still captains of our souls.

Winston Churchill

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